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appointer helps you and your colleagues with scheduling processes and optimization of your events.
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let’s redefine business
scheduling together

Even nowadays many appointments are scheduled with the phone or via long lasting email ping pong. It doesn't matter if you try to find free timeslots within your company or with external business partners. This is where appointer takes over the process. appointer takes care of the whole scheduling processes as your personal, intelligent scheduling expert.

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prototype works

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Add a title to your appointment or choose a predefined template.
You want to find a free slot for an appointment on wednesdays? Then simply add a timefilter to our progress!


Choose the attendees of the meeting. You can also add the priority of each attendee. Is there anyone who can be optional ? More information will help us to find the best possible times. You can use your contacts, team - or company-id's for the scheduling process.

appointment selection

Pick one of the recommendations that we offer. From now on appointer will take care of meeting invitations and following actions. Even if appointments need a rescheduling, appointer will do it's best to prevent you from dealing with that hassle.

appointer internal
and appointer connect

It has never been easier to find free timeslots with external companies or with attendes from multiple companies for project-based work. appointer connects to common calendar systems and takes care of the whole scheduling process.

external Team
external company

appointer plugins

It's not appointers philosophy to be a standalone calendar system. We see our system as a scheduling expert with guarenteed timesaving. Our scheduling system will be attached to common calendar systems through smart plugins.

That's why we are able to connect with many clients to bring the appointer universe right into your company - just a few clicks away. You can even deploy our plugins through your internal software distribution, so that your staff doesn't have to care about anything.
Office, GSuite or Lotus Notes. We will develop plugins for many common systems as soon as we can.

mobile devices

plan your meetings

Structured meetings are atypical.
appointer leads you through your meetings. You can add an agenda and continually check the status.

And if you can't finish in time, appointer will be there when you need to schedule a follow-up. Sometimes it's maybe worth to stay a little longer - appointer got you covered with reasonable break times. We will notifiy you about your options at any time you want.

meeting with a client 60 minutes
travel time
call 90 minutes

room & location planning

Wouldn't it be great if you were able to find time for a meeting with your room planning involved? Okay, we cover that! appointer will look for the perfect timeslots based on all information we have. From rooms over locations, even catering service for a room - we got that in mind when suggesting the perfect meeting times.

path path
typical journey time

let's get to know each other

To find even better timeslots for you, we need to know you even better. What is your preferred break time between meetings? How long does it take you to travel between two meeting locations? What is your favorite way to travel - by car, by train, by rocket? All these information will help us to find the best possible options.

building bridges

We love to connect to systems you love to use in your everyday life! It simplifies workflows and makes your life even easier. That's why we not only connect to calendar systems, but also to many other platforms. It's up to you what to connect to appointer! From human resource software to Zapier and IFTTT, automate your workflow within your company to plan and reschedule your meetings automatically.

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