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Finding appointments has always been a hassle. No matter if it's your friends, a local store, your doctor or your barber - you spent much time arranging and rearranging your appointments everyday! Especially once there are more people involved, things get really complicated. So why would you want to deal with all of that?
appointer will be the new standard to find appointments with no trouble at all. Being a self-learning system, appointer is able to automatically schedule appointments for you and your friends. Furthermore, single or even recurring appointments with local business can be scheduled on our platform.
To find the perfect time for your meetings, we match the free & blocked times of all people involved.

appointer for private users

Family, friends, work and so much more things - they all need coordination from time to time. And let's be honest, it's not easy to have everything in mind. That's where appointer comes into play. We want you to be able to focus on the things in life that really matter. We want to get to know your way of scheduling your personal meetings. Doing that, we are able to improve the way we plan your day even further.

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choose the duration of your appointment.
choose the people you want to meet with and add a location, if you like.
pick one out of five possible slots that fits you most.


appointer knows the free time slots of your friends. That's why the system is able to find free timeslots on its own - within seconds. You will only see timeslots where everybody is available. So there is no need to open up any calendar to the greater public.

appointments - for you.

appointer wants to be your assistant. Our system suggests appointments, that fit your very own personal needs. And every time we do what we can do best - scheduling appointments - we get better at it.

available everywhere.

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we provide applications for all well known platforms.

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